C3D Sessions

We plan to offer a Topic specific FREE webcast each and every week and the attendees get to choose which topic we will cover the following week.

We will base the topic on the most requested items in the comments below. So if ten people ask for a session on Corridors, and twelve ask for a session on Profiles, we will do the Profile session first and then the following week cover the Corridor topic.

[intelliplayer template=”48″ videourl=”http://intelliplayer.com/watch/228815t1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ scrolling=”no”]

We have slated the webcast for a maximum of 45 minutes so they should not impact your day too much and still provide enough time to cover the specific topic fairly well. The Live event will be held as a Google Hangout and we will post the link to the hangout on this page at 1:45 PM each Monday.


If needed, we will extend the topic as long as we have to to make sure it is covered completely.

Also, if you happen to miss the live session, not to worry, we will be here answering any questions posted during the recorded sessions as well as the live session.

The small fee we are requesting is a minimal and is designed to help offset our own expenses.

We look forward to providing you with top quality information at your convenience.

P.S. We are Mobile Optimized too, so you can attend via most mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets and even those iThings 😉 )

You can purchase access to previous webcast recordings by clicking one of the following buttons.

Monthly Subscription

Never miss a session. One small fee ($14.95) covers all four webcasts for the month. Cancel anytime.



Or you can pick and choose the topics you would like to access by clicking the button below each webcast title below. We will add each week’s webcast to the list on Saturday mornings. Each individual session is $4.99 with immediate access and download available.

Week 1 – Sections

You can choose to download or bookmark this page and return whenever you like to watch and review the individual recordings


Week 2 – General Styles

As an added bonus, all of our Styles webcasts will include a direct download of the styles created during the webcast so you can use them to begin creating your own custom styles.